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Hello Everybody & Welcome to Phadke Builders & Developers in Sangli where Quality meets Affordable Prices.

We deal in Real- Estate. We buy, sell, develop plots, Flats, apartments in Sangli (- Miraj). Our core business is developing apartments which suits buyer's needs, taste & living standard. We offer 1/2/3 BHK Flats in Sangli, Vishrambag & in nearby area.

We are committed to provide our every customer a unique experience regarding understanding his needs, providing him fair & transparent idea about projects specifications, explaining him/ her 'what's included in price & what's additional'. We support our every customer by advising him/ her best of suitable choice what we believe in. Our projects get delivered right on Time - Right in Budget- Exactly what we committed. We give 100% support to all our customers to find right Banker for Home Loan & all related communication with Bank.

About Phadke Developers

"Its never about me, because for me it matters most about "how I could add more in your lives". Be it just a Home that I promise to deliver but I understand that for you it’s a your dream of a lifetime, it’s about a cozy nest for your family where expectations aspire togetherness & satisfaction. Its Your Nest, its Your HOME."

"Nothing is more important in life than values like integrity, dedication, hard work & how we implement those. A picture of a perfect human being with determination, honesty, sincerity to help others goes hand in hand with vision & creativity which I always dream of & try to be."

Nothing inspires me than Sandesh of Bhagavan Shri Krushna of Bhagawat Geeta Saar-

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।
मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि।। २-४७ ॥

Especially what I humbly perceive from last few words & what greatly inspires me that every good deed reaps good results (fal, fruit) only. Any good deed done without any expectation as a selfless gives a great pleasure of satisfaction of accomplishment. Our "Karma" is the one which decides who we are and remains immortal throughout. One should merely concentrate about his Karma & God takes care of the rest.

It’s a great pleasure & same time a great responsibility to be an engineer and to be a Builder. I always remember my first customer who sold out his old home to raise money to purchase a new flat for his family. I understand that it’s a great kind of trust people put in us by investing their lifetime savings in our project. That’s why our projects are not only structures made of bricks & concrete, but for us this sense of responsibility never fades out that it’s a nest for a human being, for his family & in coming years children of his children will stay here singing a song of life. Building is not only a profession to me, I live it, I love it & I dream of it. Building is my passion & my religion in which I put total faith.

May it be a technical aspect or procedure, we here at ‘Phadke Developers’ work hard on every aspect. Right from selection of a location for a new project, its legality, its access, its society near around… Its soil examination to water examination…Its RCC Design, its steel & cement, how it gets mixed & how it gets cured. Hundreds to Thousands of minute work instructions are designed, added, modified & upgraded each & every time to make sure that our work becomes more functional, beautiful & durable. May it be just the service part like helping my clients get home loans or helping them find out good buyers for their properties, I really like to be a help in whatever manner to every possible extent. We strongly believe in implementation of knowledge in our work & apply each basic of science while doing our work. I believe that in-depth knowledge, its application on field & integrity towards our boss (our customers) that make soul of our basic principle which guide us throughout.

We never lose focus of our work & never forget the understanding ‘why we are here’. Our only & entire purpose to be here is to serve you in best possible manner & make you proud of your home. It is our aim that my every customer should be happy to be with us & should be greatest brand ambassador of our business.

We are a great team too! Thanks Mr. Amber Shinde (Architect), Mr. Bipin Pathak (Legal Advisor), Mr. Pranav Kulkarni (RCC Designer) & Mr. Gokhale (Our Graphic Expert). Thanks to my supervisors & staff whose hard work & dedication makes me proud. This ‘behind the scene’ team really works hard without exhausting.

And thanks a lot to You my customers! For giving me opportunity to express myself & without which these words would not have got so much meaning!

Though I am as a builder here in front of you, I am sure my services towards you will develop long lasting relationship to cherish true spirit of trust & friendship.

With warm regards,
Pradeep Phadke (Phadke Developers)

Mission Statement

Affordable houses

We as a team at Phadke Developers are committed to satisfy customer by understanding his expectations and requirements and by delivering in time line & with economy. We believe in continuous learning through feedback, field tests, research & experience, and innovation. We will constantly train our manpower and will continuously upgrade our process for better quality each time. We place highest value on knowledge implementation and taking action. We are committed to generate value for customer, world society, economy, & environment. We will act responsibly with high value conduct adhering to our mission statement. We believe in Customer satisfaction, Quality, Safety & environment friendliness as our foundation principles those drive us succeed our mission.